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Correct suspension alignment improves braking and handling as well as increasing tyre life, fitting Polybush improves performance whilst saving you money.

Polybush fix common suspension problems, one of which can be found on the PQ35 platform; A3, TT Mk2 and Q3. A common failure is the front wishbone rear bushes, this soft O.E. bush quickly wears out allowing large amounts of deflection. Polybush’s 44M solves this problem. This revolutionary two-piece bush uses an innovative low-friction centre to avoid noise transmission without the need for grease and the resilience of polyurethane that lasts 5-6 times longer than the OE part.

To make sure your suspension is the best it can be fit the Full Kit 144 to your Audi and feel the immediate difference.

The Rear Beam axle to Chassis Bush 44AX for the PQ34 platform; A3 and TT Mk1 was designed with all the advantages of the original voided design for full axle articulation and steering responsiveness, with the added advantages that come from polyurethane.

The 44AX is included in Kit 140 which promises to completely revolutionise your ride.

The History . . . A German carmaker who developed four-wheel-drive systems on mass production cars at the end of the 1970’s and known for its sporty four-wheel-drive saloons and coupes.
The German carmaker is also known for implementing high technology into its vehicles such as the extensive use of aluminium in the 1999 Audi A2.

Products for your Vehicle
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  • Part Number
  • Description
  • OE reference
  • Bushes Per Vehicle SET
  • Price (Ex VAT)
Kit 183
44B, 44K, 44AX
£152.05 + VAT
Vehicle Sets
Front Wishbone Front bush
357 407 182 / 191 407 182
£41.81 + VAT
Wishbone Rear Bush Pressed Arm
1J0 407 181
£49.25 + VAT
Rear Beam Axle to Chassis Bush 69mm dia
1J0 501 541 D
£60.99 + VAT
Front - Anti Roll Bar Bush 19mm
6Q0 411 314P
£28.44 + VAT