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Suspension affects everything from handling to tyre life; our bushes increase performance and save you money.

Polybush produces bushes for the popular cross over Mitsubishi’s GS platform, a platform designed with versatility in mind. This platform has crossed over onto several popular models including; Dodge Avenger, Jeep Compass and the Chrysler 200. The Chrysler 200 suffers from the problems associated with this platform, and benefits from the fitting of Polybush.

Polybush’s Shock Arm Bushes 17J fits perfectly and prevents any knocking coming from the suspension. The Front Wishbone Front Bush 17AJ prevents toe changes during braking and acceleration.

The History . . . American luxury car manufacturer founded in 1925 pioneered several unusual features on the first car produced: carburettor air filter, full pressured lubrication and an oil filter. Chrysler developed the ridged rim which prevents the tyre from coming off the wheel when deflated or punctured, all around hydraulic brakes with the help of Lockheed and rubber engine mounts to reduce vibration.

Chrysler is now part of F.C.A (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles).