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Soft rubber bushes don’t last long in extreme off road situations, that’s why Polybush have a range of bushes for 4WD cars. The LX470 is the Lexus equivalent of the Range Rover: a 4WD vehicle at ease regardless of terrain.

 The LX470 uses double wishbone front suspension, bushes wear out very quickly due to the weight and the use of this car. 7AG and AH prevent further failures whilst and improve handling, steering feel and feedback.

The LX470 comes with a five link rear axle that 7AJ, AK and AL fit perfectly. Both off and  on road your Land Cruiser will have  superb body control without affecting comfort.

For the ultimate off road experience fit Kit 123 and take your LX470 anywhere.

The History . . . Japanese luxury brand was created by Toyota in 1989 in order to compete with luxury imports in the USA. 1990 was the year Lexus was first sold in Europe and until 2005 Lexus did not exist in its home market as every Lexus had a Toyota twin sold in Japan.

Lexus is famous for excellent quality, luxury vehicles along with and top notch customer service. Lexus also produced one supercar, the LF-A, whose genesis lasted 10 years.