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2 (DY)

2 (DY)



The MX5’s suspension is complex, with double wishbones all around; the bushes wear out or perish upsetting the balance of the car. Polybush wanted to keep the fun factor of the MX5 MK1 & 2 and developed kits that contain long-lasting bushes to improve steering feel and responsiveness with unaltered comfort. The Rear Lower Wishbone 27H, outer bush set, is supplied with two different grades, to keep the rear passive steering function of the original bushes and prevent oversteer.

Polybush decided to take a closer look at the Mazda 2 DY and give it Polybush’s magic touch: an improved steering feel, reduce mild under-damping and yaw at high speed, a more responsive handling overall without compromising on comfort. The front wishbone rear bush, 40BN, is specifically designed for the application and offers all the aforementioned improvements. The presence of grooves gives the bush much needed compliance. The rear beam bush, 40BR is a dream to fit, with no tool needed, its voided extremity allows axle articulation for progressivity and control during corners.

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Kit 190
40BL, 40BU, 40BQ
£120.56 + VAT
Vehicle Sets
Front Wishbone Front Bush
1212807 S1
£35.95 + VAT
Front Wishbone Rear Bush
£41.81 + VAT
Rear Beam Bush
1146160 / DD32-28-460
£42.80 + VAT