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The right bushes provide improved handling, ride quality, cornering and tyre life.

The suspension of the MGF is complex and bushes wear out quickly leaving it with knocking suspension and oversteer from the mid-mounted engine. Front Wishbone bushes 38A and 38B tighten the front up whilst rear trailing arm bushes included in kit 86 provide excellent responsiveness allowing you to keep enjoying its balance and comfortable ride.

The MGB sports car with its simple suspension can be dramatically improved by fitting Polybush. Available in Performance or Comfort; The Front Lower Wishbone Bush 3C and Upper Trunnion Outer Bush 3M improve the steering feel and responsiveness whilst the Leaf Spring Bushes 3XD , 3D and Leaf Spring Pad 3F give the rear end more controlled movement for more progressive handling without affecting comfort.

Kit 38 for the MGB comes with the bushes you need to keep your MG performing at its best.

The History . . . British car manufacturer was founded in 1924 and sold to Morris in 1935. Under BMC, MG produced badge-engineered Austin vehicles. The brand was axed in 1980 on the grounds of cost-cutting measures.

It was revived in 1982 and offered sports versions of Austin cars (Metro, Maestro and Montego) until 1991. Again, the brand disappeared until the production of the MG RV8 in 1994 followed by the MG-F in 1995.

MG’s most renowned nameplates are Midget, MG-B, MG-A and MG-F (all covered by Polybush).