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What a car is used for changes the type of bushes needed, bushes should match a car’s needs.

Polybush are used in several motorsports including rallying. The Evo 10 is a rally-bred car released in 2005. Polybush’s Front Wishbone Rear Bush 17AK and Rear, Trailing Arm Inner Bush 17AL, have been voided allowing for compliance on rough terrain, an important advantage for a rally inspired vehicle.

The Evo 10 boasts four-wheel-drive drivetrain and features active yaw control that adjusts the handling of the car constantly, due to this and its potential for rallying the suspension is put under considerable stress. Polybush developed a full set of bushes to cope with the tough job of keeping the Evo 10 handling like a dream, Kit 152. The bushes for this car are available in our Performance grade, making them extremely wear resistant, and further improving the handling.

Key advantages of Polybush are longevity and resilience – putting up with strain that rubber parts cannot. These advantages are seen clearly on the L200, a pick-up truck designed with the intent of carrying heavy loads and being driven over rough terrain. Polybush have created a full kit for the L200; kit 81 takes the strain necessary to keep the L200 performing.

Kit 81 is easy to fit and engineered to withstand the abuse a pick-up truck may encounter at any point during its life. It also reduces adverse geometry changes to improve the handling of this two-ton utility vehicle, the way only Polybush can.

The History . . .  Japanese brand founded in 1917 and is part of the Mitsubishi group. It is famous for its involvement in rallying (since the Lancer GSR in 1973) and the four-wheel-drive versions of the Lancer called the Lancer Evolution which is now in its tenth version.