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Polybush make bushes that fit both the Morris Minor and its van counterpart. Polybush improves your Minor’s handling by reducing toe change during suspension operation.

The Relay Shaft Bush on the Minor and Minor Van can wear out and degrade the quality of the gear change. Polybush’s 25F offers the perfect replacement and gives a positive feel during gear changes without being affected by oil.

For a full suspension makeover fit Kit 50 to your Minor Saloon, or Kit 67 to your Minor Van, similar kits with key differences to fit each model perfectly.

The History . . . British car maker founded in 1912 made inexpensive, simple passenger cars. Morris was merged into BMC in 1952 along with its rival Austin and the makes they bought along the way (Riley, Wolseley, MG, Princess, Van den Plas).

Morris was axed in 1984 due to the cost of developing RWD equivalents of Austin cars and the FWD cars overtaking the market. It made way for Austin which was more at the time.