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Patrol GR Y60

Patrol GR Y60



Having the right suspension can mean the difference between a car at its best and a car at its worst.

Polybush can supply bushes that are otherwise out of production that not only fit like the original but also perform better. This is the case with the Micra K11 the Rear Axle Link bushes on this vehicle can no longer be bought except from Polybush who have designed Kit 154 for these links allowing your Micra to keep its rear axle in check, offering it improved stability during braking and improved cornering by minimising axle movement.

A key advantage of Polybush is its longevity and resilience to be able to put up with strain that rubber parts cannot manage. This advantage is seen clearly on the Patrol Y60; a rugged, heavy four-wheel-drive vehicle designed to operate off-road and tow heavy loads. The bushes suffer from failure in extreme towing or off-roading situations leaving this work-horse with knocking suspension, uneven tyre wear and braking instability. Polybush created Kit 30 allowing the Y60 to do heavy towing and off-roading without destroying the bushes. Polybush will prevent adverse changes in toe and camber to improve the handling and braking stability of the Patrol in all situations.

The History . . . Japanese carmaker started as Datsun in the 1930’s and the name switch occurred in 1984 as Datsun was used for export models only.

Nissan is well known for offering a wide range of vehicles, from Kei cars in Japan to full-size pick-up trucks in the USA.

Products for your Vehicle
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Kit 30
12A, 12B, 12C, 12D, 12E
£178.94 + VAT
Vehicle Sets
Front Radius Arm to Axle
54560 01J00
£41.92 + VAT
Front Radius Arm to Chassis Bush
54476 01J00
£19.26 + VAT
Rear Radius Arms Both Ends
55045 06J00
£83.07 + VAT
Front & Rear Panhard Rods
55135 01J10
£17.59 + VAT
Front & Rear Panhard Rods
55135 01J01
£17.14 + VAT
Polyurethane Tow Ball Cover
£8.47 + VAT