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Polybush cover classic and contemporary cars this can be seen particular well in the case of 911 where Polybush cover most 911’s from 1963 – 2004.

 Polybush developed the front wishbone bushes (42Q) and rear trailing arm bushes (42P) for the classic 911 (1963-1989) to stop the pendulum effect due to the position of the engine which causes oversteer. The 42Q and 42P fit perfectly and will work together to make the handling more progressive and less sensitive to the pendulum effect.

For the more contemporary 911’s the Lower Toe Arm 42C and the Upper Arms 42J are available. These will contribute to a very progressive handling with plenty of feedback to the driver in terms of grip. Polybush prevents adverse changes in camber and toe, allowing the 911 to show off its agility and superb road manners in the long term.

Treat your 911 to perfected suspension with the full Kit 118.

The History . . . German carmaker renowned for its build quality, successful motorsport participations and the most iconic sports car in the world: the 911. The 911 is the theory of evolution applied to the automotive industry: a car born in 1963 which gently changed over the years to be what it is now.

One of the most famous features of a 911 was the air-cooled engine, phased out in 1993 with the introduction of the 911 993 due to increasingly stringent pollution standards.