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Polybush can be fitted to your smart car to not only fix the common issues that plague them but also to improve the vehicle.

Polybush’s Front Wishbone Bushes 45B and Anti-Roll Bar Bushes 45F act as excellent replacements for the front suspension of the W451 platform (Fortwo 2007-2014). The original front suspension bushes on this vehicle can be affected by water and salt causing the suspension to creak; fitting Polybush avoids this creaky suspension.

 Kit 150 will perfectly fit the W451 and contains all the bushes essential for vehicle transformation.

Front Wishbone Bushes 45K and Anti-Roll Bar Bushes 45R fit the W450 (Fortwo 98-07) and W452 (Roadster and Roadster Coupe) platforms perfectly. 45K and R will reduce understeer and make your Smart feel like it should: an agile city car.

For a full suspension makeover fit Kit 185 to your Fortwo 98-07, or Kit 194 to your Roadster and Roadster Coupe, similar kits with key differences to fit each model perfectly.