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Legacy Mk5

Legacy Mk5



With suspension controlling every aspect of your Subaru’s handling fitting Polybush ensures you get the best ride available.

Due to the nature of Subaru’s they are often driven hard which leads to bush wear. This is the case on the Impreza Mk1 which can be left with noisy suspension, braking instability, uneven tyre wear and poor handling. Polybush’s Front wishbone bushes and Anti-roll bar bushes 36J, B and L (respectively) will prevent adverse toe changes whilst giving the Impreza razor sharp steering feel and front end accuracy.

For an all-round more stable and reliable feel, fit Kit 90 and instantly feel the difference.

Polybush is the perfect companion for off-roading; the Forester SH is a soft off-roader. Much like the Impreza, the Forester can be driven fast or do light off-roading which will wear the bushes out. Polybush allows your Forester to handle like a Subaru should: balanced, safe but agile and responsive. The front end bushes 36AA and AB will prevent changes in toe for excellent steering feel and feedback. The rear suspension bushes 36R, Q, T and Y will transform the rear end of the Forester, making it more responsive to steering inputs whilst improving braking stability and cornering abilities.

The History . . .  Japanese carmaker, whose logo represents the Pleiades, is well known for offering four-wheel-drive, turbocharged boxer-engined saloons based on a heavy involvement in rallying and Japanese GT Championship. Subaru introduced the boxer engine to their cars in 1966 on the 1000 and four-wheel drive drivetrain (selectable first, permanent later on) in 1972 on the Leone.

Subaru is generally known for offering unusual cars for a given market i.e. the Justy, a four-wheel-drive city car or the Forester Turbo which can be seen as an early example of high performance small SUV.

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Front Wishbone Rear Bush
£81.18 + VAT
Rear Toe Arm Inner Bush
£44.61 + VAT
Rear Track Arm Inner Bushes or Rear Upper Arm Outer Bushes
£43.14 + VAT