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Each vehicle preforms a different task, which effects the suspension in a different way, suspension should be tailored to the car.

4x4’s need a more complex suspension set up than normal cars due to their extra functionality, the Suzuki Jimny is one such 4x4. Polybush’s Front and Rear Radius Arm to Chassis Bushes 22G fix an issue with the Jimny caused by its more complex suspension, the original rubber bushes have a tendency to split causing knocking suspension and braking instability 22G solves this problem and prevents adverse toe in and toe out affecting the handling.

Front and Rear radius arm to axle bushes 22F can be fitted to the front and back of the car and as well as being stronger and eliminating worries of splitting also improves steering feel and responsiveness on the front whilst stabilising the rear under braking and cornering.

To fix all of the Jimny’s common failures and make it an all-round better vehicle try fitting Kit 52 and get all of the bushes we make for this quirky 4x4.

The History . . . Small Japanese car manufacturer is famous for offering light four-wheel-drive vehicles, dependable city cars and a wide range of motorbikes.

In 1955, the Suzulight was the first Suzuki car to be offered for sale.