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Celica ST202SS

Celica ST202SS



The vastly popular Toyota Celica is a sporty coupe made even better by the addition of Polybush. With Polybush on your Celica ZZT230/231 you no longer have to worry about the frequent bush failure caused by its complex rear suspension or sporty capabilities.

Polybush created a full Kit 135 for the Celica. The front suspension bushes (7BA and 7AT) will reduce understeer and toe-in/toe-out during braking and cornering thus improving steering feel, responsiveness and over front end feedback on grip conditions. The rear suspensions bushes (7AZ, 7BC, 7AY and 7BD) will improve braking stability whilst making it more agile than before.

Polybush make great cars even better; like the MR2 Roadster. . Though praised for its brilliant dynamics, the bushes wear and deteriorate the handling Polybush prevents this wear.

Front wishbone bushes 7P and 7Q further improve the responsiveness of the car by avoiding excessive toe-in and toe-out; While The Rear Trailing Arm Bushes 7T and 7U along with the Rear Front Track Arm Inner Bush 7V sort out the rear, keeping this lightweight glued to the road, preventing any knocking whilst not affecting overall comfort.

 Polybush offers a complete kit; Kit 112, a kit that covers all of the complex suspension of this exciting roadster.

The History . . . One of the largest car manufacturers in the world started as a wiring loom machine business. The automotive division was created in 1933. Toyota is renowned for implementing tight quality controls and lean manufacturing processes into the automotive industry.

Toyota is heavily involved in motorsport: rallying, Formula One, Touring cars, ALMS and NASCAR among others.

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Kit 133
7AW, 7AX, 7AX
£115.01 + VAT
Vehicle Sets
Front Lower (Banana) Arm, Rear Bush
£47.76 + VAT
Rear Trailing Arm Inner & Outer Bushes
£33.63 + VAT
Front Anti Roll Bar Clamp
£19.93 + VAT