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With Polybush you can improve your 1500’s handling by reducing toe change during suspension operation, with radius rod bushes 7G, Front Suspension Top Trunnion 25H and Rear Spring Bush 3XB.

The Relay Shaft Bush on the 1500 can wear out and degrade the quality of the gear change. Polybush’s 25F offers the perfect replacement and gives a positive feel during gear changes without being affected by oil.

For a full suspension makeover fit Kit 50 to your 1500 and feel the immediate difference it makes.

Similar to the Mini in design and engineering the Hornet is considered a classic, and as with all classics can suffer failures from time to time. The Front Upper RH Engine Stay Bush 25J is the perfect replacement for a rubber bush that due to exposure to oil and heat perishes quickly causing engine knocking. The 25J resists oil and heat whilst being as soft as the OE bush to prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the passenger compartment.

Polybush also addresses another common fault with the Hornet; the 25C replaces the tie rod OE bushes which wears out, fails and falls off the car. 25C prevents excessive toe in and toe out in the front suspension and improves steering feel and responsiveness.

The History . . . British car manufacturer was born in 1901 and was bought by Morris in 1927. Wolseley was famous for producing luxury vehicles before the Second World War.

Wolseley was phased out in 1975 with the latest cars being re-branded versions of ADO17 and 18/22 series.