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Commercial Suspension Solutions

Why Choose Polybush for Your Fleet?


Quick and Easy Installation: Polybushes are designed for fast and straightforward fitting, even in the field, minimising vehicle downtime.

Superior Durability: Unaffected by oil, petrol, and road contaminants, Polybushes outlast rubber bushes by 4-5 times. They do not suffer from compression set, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Enhanced Ride and Handling: Our precision-engineered bushes absorb shock and vibration, providing superior ride quality. Proper suspension alignment improves handling and increases tyre life.

Significant Cost Savings: With proven savings of up to £700 per vehicle, Polybushes offer excellent value. Stop treating bushes as a commodity item and invest in quality that pays off.


At Polybush, our advanced suspension solutions support some of the largest fleets of light commercial vehicles and buses across the country. Our polyurethane bushes are the preferred choice for the commercial market, offering solutions that last longer, address common issues, reduce downtime, and save money.

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