A great 25th year of Billing and Polybush were there to see what unfolded and build a Land Rover while were at it.


Polybush has always enjoyed Billing, as you can probably tell by the fact we have been attending for over a decade. Every year Polybush receive an amazing reception to our live restorations and every year Billing outdoes itself with its scale and spectacle.

This year was no different Polybush arrived at Billing to the best weather we have seen at one of these shows and already crowds were forming it was obvious from day one that this show was going to be special, as well it should be it was of course the 25th year of Billing.

This was a truly special event unlike any we have attended before, the highlight was the live arena, every year this is the place to be its never dull and something is always happening, this year blew past years out of the water though. From the winch trial competitions to the mini replica parade this was Land Rover at its finest.

Polybush went a slightly different route than usual on our restoration this year in celebration of 25 years of Billing we didn’t just want to make a Land Rover we wanted to make something else that was just as timeless and useful; a collection of videos that showed the average user how to do maintenance and building work on a Land Rover as well as filmed segments that answer the questions we get at Polybush all the time to help better serve our amazing customers. To do this we enlisted the help of the TV show Landrovers Live.

This was the first time Landrovers live had put a live restoration together especially one on such a big stage as the Billing anniversary proved to be, but they held it together and we came away having answered some questions to the public there as well as some amazing videos that will answer the questions for many more people out there.

You can find these videos on the Land Rovers Live YouTube page

Thank you for another great year at Billing see you at Peterborough.

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