Same Classic Look New Polybush feel for Series Land Rovers

Polybush has been the number one suspension bush choice for the Series Land Rovers for over 20 years, in that time the Series Land Rover has become a true classic. With this classic status in mind, Polybush has produced a range of their iconic Series bushes in black.

Polybush understands that Series owners want to be able to feel secure in the knowledge that their bushes can put up with anything they can throw at them and increase performance, but don’t always want these improvements to be apparent to the casual observer.

The Polybush black Land Rover Series range is available through Famous Four and offer the advantages Land Rover owners have come to expect from Polybush but with an original black look that keeps the vehicle looking like the classic it is.

This is a whisper of improvement rather than a shout; you will feel the effects every time you get behind the wheel but won’t see any evidence of them under the car.

Contact Famous Four to find out more about the Land Rover Series black range.



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