Justin Hughes - Polybush Sales Rep

On The Road with Justin and Dingbro.

Justin, our friendly neighbourhood sales rep, is hitting the road alongside our trusted trade-only partner, Dingbro.
They’re on a mission, to visit the independent garages of Carlisle, Dumfries, and Workington, with a boot full of knowledge, marketing material and a passion for all things automotive.


If you’re a local garage and would like a visit, contact Dingbro directly.
Carlisle // 01228 584888 –  Dumfries // 01387 270250 – Workington // 01900 517000

Justin’s not here to just push products; he’s here to build relationships, to listen to your needs, and to offer solutions that make your life easier.


What’s Justin going to be talking about?

Manufacturing suspension bushes in the UK for over 50 brands we’ve seen problems come and go but there are a few issues that keep pinging up on our radar at the moment.
Take the Mk4 Mondeo: If you’ve ever owned or repaired one, you’ll know all too well about the dreaded rear trailing arm bush. Justin has heard it all – The consumer frustration, the endless trips to the garage, the feeling of deja vu every few months when that familiar clunk rears its ugly head. But fear not, Justin brings tidings of hope in the form of Polybush 40DE, a replacement that not only out-lasts but out-performs all rubber alternatives, both O.E.M and aftermarket.

Ford Mondeo Mk4 Rear Trailing Arm Bush - 40DE

We don’t just offer the Rear Trailing Arm Bush, We offer a complete suspension bush kit.


Now, if you’ve had the pleasure (or should I say pain?) of dealing with a Mk4 Mondeo, you’re probably all too familiar with this nightmare.
The Ford Fiesta MK7: rear beam bush. It’s like a recurring bad dream – the wandering rear end, the constant trips to the garage. But fret not, the Polybush 40BR  is your ticket to a smoother drive and a wandering-free rear end. Unlike the original, which tends to crack its outer plastic shell faster than you can say “trouble,” the 40BR is built to last.


Ford Fiesta Mk7 Rear Beam Bush - 40BR

The Fiesta also has a full compliment of bushings available.


The Ford Transit V362 and V363: has a notorious bushing which gives out prematurely, a failing front wishbone rear bush leads to a loose and wobbly sensation up front and even causing your tyres to scrub as you drive around corners – the Polybush 40CS puts an end to the early wear, it’s also a breeze to fit, saving you time and hassle.
So, if you’re tired of feeling like you’re wrestling with your Transit’s steering wheel and you’re fed up with shelling out for new tyres more often than you’d like, give the 40CS a try.


Ford Transit V362 Front Wishbone Rear Bush - 40CS

Don’t forget the Leaf Spring Rear Bushes


So the next time you hear a knock or a clunk coming from your suspension, don’t panic. Just give Justin a call, and let Polybush take care of the rest.

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