As the older VW ranges start to cement themselves as classics, Polybush has teamed up with VW Heritage to offer a complete black range for classic VW’s.

Polybush understands that sometimes people want to improve performance without shouting about those changes. These bushes offer all of the advantages of Polybush while maintaining that O.E. look.

The Polybush black range offers your VW improved handling, ride feel, noise damping, prolonged tyre life and lasts 4 to 5 times longer than O.E. rubber bushes; all the advantages synonymous with Polybush but with that classic O.E. look.

This is a whisper of improvement rather than a shout; you will feel the effects every time you get behind the wheel but won’t see any evidence of them under the car.

Contact Polybush to find out more about the VW Black range.

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