Fast Ford ST170 Polybush Restoration

Fast Car Mag Gets A Ford Focus ST170!

In 2024, the guys at Fast Ford are buying and reviving the precursor of the newer, bigger and better Focus RS’s. Living in the shadow of these cars, the Ford Focus ST170 is one of the most overlooked and underrated sporty hot hatches around.

The ST170 is as expected, a 170BHP car, with its 2.0 Zetec engine, it really can be enticing for the enthusiast, especially as at the moment, prices are nearing rock-bottom.
But are people saving these cars, or is it just a cheap engine swap? With cars on the road also as low as its price, we agree with FF – It’s worth saving, as owning a piece of automotive history is always a great thing.

Ford Focus ST170 Rear End

As the ST170 isn’t just about raw power, it boasts a finely tuned chassis, crafted by the experts at Special Vehicle Engineering (SVE) Drawing from their illustrious lineage which includes Ford icons like the Sierra Cosworth and the Escort RS Turbo, the 170 really can deliver a fantastic driving experience thanks to that SVE tuned suspension and top braking system. Under the bonnet, that Zetec engine, which has been fine-tuned by the Cosworth crew with everything you’d want from your weekend car like variable valve timing and a revamped exhaust. Paired with a slick six-speed gearbox, this bad-boy rockets from 0 to 60mph in just over 8 seconds, which even today, is pretty fast.

So What’s Fast Ford Mag Going To Do With This Car?

Well after purchasing and an initial clean, inspection and service, a list of necessary tasks emerged, including suspension upgrades, bush replacements (That’s where we shine), brake system overhaul, and fitting new tyres.

Let’s Polybush The ST170!

St170 Ford Focus ST170 Bush Fitting

Improving that already great SVE suspension we sent Fast Ford a full set of Polybushes for the ST170 Ford Focus.
Not only did we supply suspension parts but we also included a set of engine mounts, allowing the car to have the best throttle response possible.

Polybushing a vehicle is the go-to upgrade for performance enthusiasts, ensuring superior durability and handling compared to traditional rubber bushes. By swapping out stock rubber for polyurethane, drivers can expect reduced flex, improved steering response and a more direct road feel. Choosing Polybush for their ST170 project was a no-brainer.
Being made in the UK for over 40 years we’re a leading manufacturer of high-quality polyurethane suspension bushes, specialising in providing enthusiasts with products designed to enhance performance and handling.

Installing 40AL into an ST170 Focus

When fitting the front suspension,the mechanics at Fast Ford had some challenges. Whilst one wishbone had recently been replaced it’s partner had not, so although a little hard to remove, they were perfect for Polybushing. Once removed and cleaned up. They swapped out the rubber bushes for our Kit 179, significantly reducing unwanted flex for improved handling.
Turning to the rear suspension, they encountered corrosion and wear on various components. Despite a little resistance, they tackled stubborn bolts and replaced worn parts, fitting new polyurethane bushes from our catalogue to further enhance performance.

But What’s Next?

The Fast Ford team will take the car to be aligned and head to the track.


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