2nd ever Kelmarsh Land Rover show


The second ever Kelmarsh Land Rover show took place this weekend and what a weekend it was. Polybush were again proud to be a sponsor of the event, and it’s great to support what is sure to be a long-running event in its infancy.

From monster trucks crushing cars (no Land Rovers of course) to mini Land Rover displays, big and small there was something for everyone this year. In keeping with the amazing entertainment on display at the event, Polybush again teamed up with the Manic Mechanics and raised the bar when it comes to Kelmarsh restorations.

A Defender 110 rolled into the restoration tent on Thursday with a rusted patchy bulkhead that had definitely seen better days, suspension that was in dire need of a refresh and a transfer box that wasn’t up to scratch for such an iconic vehicle. The amount of work on changing a bulkhead alone seemed insurmountable with all the issues that can be uncovered just during the stripping of the vehicle, but the Manic Mechanics were up for the challenge.

Friday the vehicle was stripped down removing the doors, windscreen, steering wheel, most of the dash, headlining – this was a huge job in itself but that’s not where Friday ended. The removal of the suspension arms from the vehicle showed the issue with rubber bushes, cracked and loose quick work was made of removing all the bushes with 1 exception; front arm bushes saved for a removal and fitting demonstration the following day. The fitting of the new Polybush kit took no time at all as the suspension was transformed on the vehicle. The old bulkhead was then lifted out and a well-deserved break was had ready to start the weekends other jobs.



Saturday was an early start, as the Manic Mechanics set to work putting the new bulkhead into place, fixing it in with new fittings. Next, the transfer box was put on and the drive train re-connected. A demonstration of bush removal and Polybush fitment drew quite the crowd even though the sound of a monster truck jumping cars just outside. Gary showed the crowd how he removed OE rubber bushes when he didn’t have

a press, and when it came time to put the Polybushes in place and the question of how easy they were to fit he simply handed the bush half to a member of the public to fit and held the arm as the bushes were fitted within a minute

Sunday was a mad rush to the finish line knowing the vehicle needed to drive out that evening the Manic Mechanics set about refitting the windscreen, headlining, doors, bonnet and rewiring the Defender finishing just in time to start the engine at 4 pm and Andy the owner to drive the completely overhauled vehicle home.

This was a great restoration with something happening every minute of the day, a big thank you to the Manic Mechanics and to all the show visitors who came and watched and asked questions, your presence is what makes these shows. Can’t wait to see you all at the LRO show . . . only 6 weeks away.

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