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44CF VAG Front Top Mounts

44CF VAG Front Top Mounts

Polybush Front Top Mounts (44CF) have always been a VAG favourite covering everything from Golf Mk4 to TT Mk1 and a lot more in between (PQ34) Full listing below.


The 44CF is a part that gives you options; when installed it can give you a 10mm drop or maintain original ride height with an extra 10mm of damping efficiency, making it the perfect part for those looking to modify ride height or just someone seeking an increase in vehicle performance.

These parts aren’t just for improving the general performance and ride of the vehicle they also fix a common problem, replacing the notoriously fragile O.E. and providing a 4/5 times longer lasting solution to its rubber alternative.

44CF have had a slight design tweak to allow for the addition of a spacer meaning a vehicle set will now include all you need to get this easy to fit part fitted even quicker.

A set of 44CF is only: £45.94 per pair including spacers as pictured.

Full vehicle kits are also available.



A3 Mk1

A3 Mk1

A3 Mk1 Quattro

S3 Mk1 Quattro

TT Mk1 Quattro

TT Mk1



Leon Mk1

Leon Cupra R Mk1

Ibiza Mk2 6K1

Ibiza Mk2 6K2



Cordoba Mk1 6K1

Cordoba Mk1 6K2

Toledo Mk2



Golf Mk4

Golf Mk4 4Motion

Golf Mk4 R32 4Motion


Polo Mk3 6N



Bora 4Motion



Octavia Mk1

Octavia Mk1 4x4