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Golf R32 - The fitment

Golf R32 - The fitment

Fitment of Kit 144 to a Golf R32

When Chris at volks workshop said he was keen to fit a set of polybushes to his 2007R32 we decided it would be a great opportunity to photograph and document the whole fitment. Chris's R32 was already a well sorted car, having been remapped with a Milltek exhaust, BMC cold air induction kit etc. Being on coilover at a very low setting the standard bushes were taking some punishment and staring to show signs of deteriation. It was the perfict candidate for fitting polybushes to.

So Polybush spent a day with the guys at Volks Workshop fitting a full Kit 144. We started by fitting the bushes on the rear of the car, as that was where the bulk of the work was done due to the number of different arms on the rear suspension. All the standerd bushes came out quite easly using a small press. This could have also been done by drilling out the rubber section of the bush, sawing through the outer shell and drifting out the steel remains. All the polybushes went in easly just using some wasing up liquid and a vice.

  200x266 Removing the old bushes web  Removing the old bushes
 Fitting the Poylbush using washing up liquid and a vice  200x150 Fitting the Polybushes web 
  200x150 Arms with new Polybushes web  Rear arms with new Polybushes

 Polybush kit 144

All the rear arms with newly fitted polybushes were then fitted back up onto the car and the front wishbones taken off.

  200x150 Kit 144 WEB
  200x150 Chris removing the front wishbone rear bush

 Chris from Volks Workshop Removing the

front wishbone rear bush.

(using a bit of old fashioned brute force)

 Polybushes fitted to the wishbone  200x150 Polybushes fitted to the front wishbone web 
  200x150 Wishbone fitted to the car web  The perfect fit to the car



 Polybush 44M 

The front wishbone bushes were all fitted without any problems. The front wishbone rear bush is uterlises a new low friction blend of Polyurithane designed by polybush. This new material allows the Polyurethane in the bush to rotate without greaseing or squeeking eliminating the need to routieenly grease the bush. A truly fit and forget design!!

After all the bushes were fitted the chris took the car for a long drive over the weekend (over 300 miles!!) reporting back saying that the car generally felt more responsive and agile. The most noticeable improvement was that the steering felt sharper and more precise. With the best thing being no increase in vibration or harshness of ride. An excellent improvement!!

  200x266 44M WEB