MX5 Door Bush Polyurethane

MX5 Door Bushes

A better-fitting door bush helps your MX5 doors become a more structural part of your car.

We at Polybush have taken on-board feedback from Mazda specialists and MX5 owners, to develop a door bush that is not only a structural upgrade but also in-keeping with OEM looks.


MX5 Door Bush Polyurethane


Being a convertible, there is very little structure connecting the front and the back of the car.

During corners and when hitting bumps, the two halves of the vehicle can move relative to each other, by swapping out the original rubber bushing to Polybush’s Door Bush, we can make the doors a more structural part of the vehicle – Increaseing torsional rigidity and the cars rigidity overall.

The original rubber part offered by Mazda was a soft rubber that wears away over time, futher opening the gap between the two peices, reducing rigidity and increasing vibration. Though originally a great part to isolate noise, vibration and harshness, it did not offer a lot of structure to the vehicle.

Installing the our Door Bush significantly reduces flex within the door enclosure as our bush fits snugly into the door cup it allows a connection between the body and the door – Reducing rattles whilst also increasing audio quality and offering a satisfying and less tinny door closure. Though still designed to work with OEM botls, our bushes do come with replacment bolts so it is very much a “bolt on” upgrade.


Manufacturing the bushes from Polyurethane rather than a material like Delrin allows for easier fitment as there is now no need to cut down or sand the bush to suit, simply unbolt your old bushes, install the Polybush upgrade, shut the door gently to self align the part, then tighten to spec.


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