Polybush recently visited the NEC in Birmingham for Practical classics second-ever restoration show.

As we set up our stand we are stricken by one thing overall, this is a lot of space for a show that is only in its second year of existence (we hope they can fill it). The stand goes up with ease and with only the one stand issue (at every set up you must have at least one). This is the show we want to use as an experiment in trying out our new, improved website as a catalogue system, instead of those giant red binders you’ve no doubt seen us carrying.

Saturday morning the doors open and we are astonished by the sheer amount of people at a show that is still in its infancy; though we should have expected it, this is, after all, a show by Practical classics. One of our very favourite magazines, the calibre of the visitors is just as impressive all seem to have a real knowledge of classic cars and restorations, with a determination to get the very best parts for their projects (that’s why they come to us!). We answer hundreds of questions about the benefits of Polybush and what ranges we cover (the website helps) and love every second.

In the rare quiet moments (usually brought on by a show on one of the live stages) we do manage to sneak off and wander around the show, the exhibits are amazingly diverse, from live restoration workshops to one of the most well put together auto jumbles we’ve seen. Our favourite attraction we don’t even have to leave our stand to see as Polybush is right next to the barn find, displaying some truly rare finds in all manners of condition and all spectacular to see up close.

Despite the range of exhibits and amazing cars we got to see; our favourite part as with all shows was connecting with our customers in person and getting real feedback which couldn’t have been nicer (that may have been the free sweets we were giving away though). Thank you so much for coming down we hope you had as great a time as we did, and we hope to see you all again soon.

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