Understanding Polybush's Different Material Grades for Land Rovers:

Understanding Polybush’s Different Material Grades for Land Rovers: Comfort, Dynamic, and Performance

When it comes to optimizing the performance and comfort of your Land Rover, selecting the right suspension components is crucial. One vital element in achieving the desired ride quality and control is the choice of bushing materials. Polybush, is a renowned manufacturer of Polyurethane suspension bushings and offers different material grades tailored specifically for Land Rover vehicles.
In this blog, Greg (Right) and Ellis (Left) will delve into the differences between the Comfort (65 Shore A), Dynamic (75 Shore A), and Performance (85 Shore A) grades. By understanding these distinctions, Land Rover enthusiasts can make informed decisions when upgrading their suspension systems.

We have created a video to explain in a little more detail

Comfort Grade (65 Shore A): The Comfort grade bushings from Polybush are designed with an original hardness that provides a balanced ride quality suitable for various applications, including green laning and daily driving. The 65 Shore A hardness offers a degree of flexibility, which translates into improved comfort and compliance over uneven surfaces. These bushings effectively absorb vibrations and road imperfections, resulting in a smoother ride experience. If you primarily use your Land Rover for regular commuting or light off-roading, the Comfort grade bushings are an ideal choice.

Which Polybush Material Rover 1G Blue

1G Blue

Dynamic Grade (75 Shore A): The Dynamic grade bushings combine the best characteristics of both the Comfort and Performance grades, resulting in a hybrid material that offers excellent articulation combined with enhanced control. With a hardness rating of 75 Shore A, these bushings strike a balance between comfort and performance. They provide improved stability, particularly during aggressive off-road manoeuvres, while maintaining a certain degree of compliance to absorb shocks and vibrations. The Dynamic grade is suitable for Land Rover owners who seek enhanced control without compromising on ride comfort.

Which Polybush Material Rover 1G Orange

1G Orange


Performance Grade (85 Shore A): For Land Rover enthusiasts who prioritize ultimate control and responsiveness, the Performance grade bushings are the ideal choice. Engineered with a higher hardness rating of 85 Shore A, these bushings offer superior stiffness and reduced flex, ensuring precise suspension control during high-performance driving situations. The increased rigidity minimizes the movement of suspension components, resulting in enhanced stability, especially during towing or heavy load-carrying activities. If you frequently engage in demanding off-road adventures or require exceptional control during towing operations, the Performance grade bushings are the recommended option.


Which Polybush Material Rover 1G Red

1G Red



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