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This month- Anti-Roll Bar Bush


A simple but vital component for a safe and comfortable ride.


When should you replace your ARB bushes?

There are a few obvious signs of wear for bushes which can include:

  •  Rattling and squeaks
  •  A harsh ride
  •  Excessive sway

If a visual inspection identifies wear, the anti-roll bar should be replaced following the manufacturers recommended procedure.


Why choose Polybush ARB bushes?

Unlike rubber bushes, Polybushes do not crack or suffer from compression set and are unaffected by oil, petrol and road contaminants. Polybushes are designed to be a perfect fit and last 4-5 times longer.

Polybush has a range of features that benefit your ride:


  • Controlled suspension movement
  • Impressive and confident ride
  • Excellent noise damping
  • Fit & forget – Excellent longevity
  • Lasts 4-5 times longer than original parts


Our ARB bushes come in a choice of grades to suit your vehicle.

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