A wishbone bush is a rubber component that is fitted between most suspension parts. They ensure that there is no metal-to-metal contact. It moreover, controls the amount of movement within these joints. Wishbone bushes are vital to the safety of your car, steering, and handling. Over time these bushes wear, and this is a common reason for MOT failures and increased tyre wear.


Wishbones allow the absorption of shocks from the road by allowing the wheel to move up and down, whilst remaining stable, these control arms work with the shock absorbers and springs to absorb sharp movements from uneven road surfaces. These control arms are present in two common forms of suspension systems; the MacPherson strut and a double-wishbone system. Double wishbone suspension systems are popular on high-performance cars, where control is vital for tight cornering.

The MacPherson Strut is a simple independent suspension design used by most mainstream car manufacturers around the world, normally on the front suspension. It’s based around a basic triangular design in two parts; a control arm and a MacPherson Strut.


Why choose Polybush?

Designed and manufactured from high-quality polyurethane, Polybushes are made to meet the size and hardness specifications of the original rubber bushes, promising an ideal replacement without the need to replace unworn parts.

Polybushes offer a wide range of benefits to your vehicle:

  • Controlled Suspension Movement
  • Safer More Predictable Cornering
  • Impressive & Confident Ride
  • Improved turn-in & stability
  • Prolonged tyre life

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