Austin Healey 3000 Polybush

Restoring the Essence of the Austin Healey 3000: A Polybush Upgrade

When it comes to classic cars, few embody the spirit of the open road like the Austin Healey 3000. This vintage gem has captured the hearts of enthusiasts for decades, If you’re lucky enough to own one, you understand the importance of preserving its authentic charm while enhancing its performance. Our Kit 42 is a game-changer for Austin Healey 3000 owners looking to restore their vehicle to factory-fresh condition and enjoy a noticeable upgrade in driveability.

Austin Healey - Kit 42

The Polybush Advantage:
At the heart of this upgrade lies the Polybush advantage. Why choose polyurethane over traditional rubber for your suspension bushes? The answer lies in the unique properties of polyurethane that make it a superior choice for enthusiasts seeking both comfort and performance.

  1. Shape Retention: Unlike rubber, polyurethane maintains its shape over time. For classic cars that may spend prolonged periods in storage, this is a crucial benefit. Rubber tends to deform and lose its original shape, leading to flat spots (much like tyres) and alignment issues when the vehicle is brought back into action. With Polybush, your Austin Healey 3000’s alignment remains true, ensuring a smooth and confident ride even after extended periods of storage.
  2. Comfort and Control: The Kit 42 is specifically designed to keep your classic car comfortable while enhancing its handling characteristics. The polyurethane material effectively controls suspension movement, reducing unwanted vibrations and providing a smoother ride. This is especially important for owners who appreciate the comfort of their vintage vehicle without compromising on performance.
  3. Cornering Confidence and Improved Turn-in: The real magic of the Polybush upgrade comes to life when you hit the corners. Kit 42 not only maintains comfort but also significantly improves turn-in responsiveness. Experience a newfound confidence as you navigate twists and turns, relishing in the enhanced performance of your Austin Healey 3000.

Austin Healey 3000 - Polybush

In the world of classic cars, the Austin Healey 3000 holds a special place, and preserving its legacy is a responsibility for enthusiasts. The Polybush Kit 42 not only brings the vehicle back to its factory-fresh condition but elevates its driveability to new heights. Say goodbye to sagging suspension and hello to a rejuvenated driving experience – it’s time to let Polybush redefine your Austin Healey 3000 journey.

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