Reviving a Classic Mini with Practical Classics Matt at the Restoration Show 2024 Polybush Upgrade

Reviving a Classic: Practical Classics Matt’s Journey with Polybush

Reviving a Classic Mini: Matt’s Journey with Polybush Suspension Bushes

Breathing new life into this barn-find beauty, Matt (Practical Classics) & friends fitted a complete set of Polybushes to his 1968 Mini Clubman.
Embarking on his journey to transform the Clubman into something that can be kept forever, he understood the importance of replacing its worn-out suspension bushes, and what better platform to showcase this transformation than the prestigious Restoration Show itself?

But why all the fuss over suspension bushes? Well, the Mini Clubman, are equipped with rubber bushes as standard, however, as time takes its toll, these once-supple rubber components deteriorate, leading to compromised handling and diminished driving dynamics. This is where Polybush steps in, crafted from Polyurethane engineered to outlast and outperform its rubber counterparts in every way imaginable.

Fitting Polybushes to Matt Practical Classics 1968 Mini Clubman At the Restoration Show 2024

The Practical Classics Team Reviving a Classic Mini with Polybush

So, what exactly does fitting Polybush mean for the driving experience of the Mini Clubman?
In a word: Transformation. Unlike rubber, which is prone to degradation and loss of shape over time, Polybush offers unparalleled durability and resilience. Installation means no more vague steering, sloppy handling, and unsettling body roll of yesteryear. With Polybush installed, your classic will hug corners with newfound confidence, delivering a driving experience that’s as crisp and responsive, better than the day it left the factory floor.

Let’s delve deeper into the installation process.
Removing and replacing suspension bushes may seem like a daunting task at first glance, but armed with the right tools and a bit of know-how, it’s well within reach for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Here’s a pro tip: invest in a threaded bar and some washers of various sizes, with a combination of washers and sockets, you have a bush removal tool.
Patience is key; rushing through the process risks damaging surrounding components. Take your time, follow the our fitting instructions meticulously, before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a smoother drive and sharper handling courtesy of Polybush.


Fitting Polybushes to a 1968 Mini Clubman Restoration

Reviving a Classic Mini Fitting Kit 124 to a 1968 Clubman

But why choose Polybush over other alternatives on the market? Unlike rubber, which is susceptible to compression set—a phenomenon where the material loses its shape and elasticity over time—Polybush maintains its integrity, ensuring consistent performance mile after mile. Additionally, for classic car enthusiasts like Matt, who understand the perils of prolonged vehicle storage, Polybush offers peace of mind. Just as tyres develop flat spots when left stationary for extended periods, rubber bushes can suffer a similar fate. However, with Polybush, you can bid farewell to flat spots and welcome worry-free storage with open arms.


Fitting Polybushes to a 1968 Mini Clubman Restoration

Fitting Kit 124 To A Restored 1968 Mini Chassis

Matt’s endorsement of Polybush speaks volumes. In a recent issue of Practical Classics magazine, he extolled the virtues of Polybush, hailing it as a game-changer for classic car enthusiasts worldwide.
So keep reading for more insights and adventures in the upcoming issues, as Matt continues his journey reviving a classic Mini with Polybush by his side.

In conclusion, whether you’re embarking on a full-scale restoration project or simply seeking to enhance your classic car’s performance, Polybush is the name to remember. With durability, performance, and reliability woven into every bushing, it’s the upgrade your classic car deserves. Join Matt and countless others in the pursuit of driving excellence – because when it comes to your classic car, nothing less will suffice.


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