Did you catch the April issue of Practical Classics? See Danny’s great staff saga on fitting Polybushes to his beloved Triumph TR7?


Danny’s TR7 deserved some much needed TLC, with its original rubber bushes no longer fit for purpose; it was the ideal time to restore the suspension back to its factory feel by fitting Polybush, and revolutionising his drive.

After fitting the Dynamic Orange kit 31, Danny commented: ‘The kit was easy to fit, and once fitted, allowed me to diagnose the car’s other handling and ride issues on a whole new level! The work in progress never ends!’



Why choose Polybush?

The mechanical properties of Polybush Polyurethane make it an ideal material for suspension bushes. Polybushes offer a range of benefits to your vehicle.

  • Safer, More Predictable Cornering
  • Controlled Suspension Movement
  • Impressive & Confident Ride
  • Improved Turn-in Stability
  • Reduced MOT Costs
  • Prolonged Tyre Life
  • Unaffected by Oil, Fuel & Road Contaminants
  • Lasts 4-5 Times Longer Than Rubber


Polybushes are available for a wide range of classic vehicles, click here to view the full range.

Special thanks to Danny and the Practical Classics team, they never fail to produce some stunning restoration work.

Ellis, The Polybush wordsmith & lover of 90's Japanese cars, delves into the world of suspension bushes & suspension dynamics. 🚗✍️

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