NEW Product: VW Transporter T5 & T6 Polybush Kit 211


As we have created Polybush kits for all VW Transporters, from the T25 onward, it made sense to carry that vision through for the T5 & T6.

Transporters are used in many different ways, so creating a part that satisfied everyone can be a tough job, but not for us!
Leisure customers crave comfort, Commercial customers crave longevity – All want a great value product that reduces costs, outlasts rubber and provides safer, more predictable handling.

Now ready for sale Polybush has improved upon O.E – Giving the benefits all craved, fitment allows a more controlled suspension movement, so vehicles gain improved turn-in & stability through corners and windy roads. Our bushes also last 4-5 times longer than the original parts and are unaffected by Oil, Fuel & Road contaminants. So no matter if your van is full of tools or a fully converted campervan, revolutionise your ride!



Anti Roll Bar Bushes

Key to keeping your vehicle stable and reducing body roll during fast cornering & road irregularities. Replacment with Polybush Anti Roll Bar (ARB) Bushes increase the Anti Roll Bar connection to the opposite (left / right) wheels, so as you corner, the wheels are pushed into the tarmac, increasing vehicluar safety and grip.



Through the development stage of this product, we worked with Mark one of our casting foremen who uses his T5 as a family car, for him, value for money and comfort are the top priority.



“The van handles much better and is a lot less wallowy, it’s not harsh at all! We’ve particularly noticed the handling and comfort benefits of the installation when we’re driving down twisty backroads – Other than comfort, another great benefit is that my tyres are lasting a lot longer and at £250 a corner it all helps!”

We also worked with Dave, a local plumber who uses his van soley for work “Using my van as a workhorse, reliability is the key for me, swapping to Polybush has transformed my van, I didn’t think it could get comfier, but it has! The van is so much less boaty when i’ve got a full bathroom set in the back. I’m very impressed!”

Nearly one year on from bush fitment, the bushes look like new.


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