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Suspension affects a cars handling immensely; Polybush provide the best suspension bush for ultimate performance.

Working with Mugen Honda Polybush designed a unique set of bushes for the Civic FK/FN. Polybush’s Front Wishbone Rear Bush 41AA, is a revolutionary two-piece bush which uses an innovative low-friction material centre to avoid noise transmission without the need for grease.

Rear Beam Bush 41AC is a cost saving bush exclusive to Polybush. 41AC can save you hundreds of pounds and gives your Civic lively yet progressive handling by keeping the suspension alignment in check.
For performance transformation fit the Full Kit 156.

Polybush cover the sporty S2000. Kit 116 gives you both front and rear bushes for the S2000’s double wishbone suspension along with the peace of mind that they won’t fail.

The History . . . Japanese brand renowned for high-revving, high tech petrol engines. Two of the most famous nameplates produced by Honda are the Civic and Accord which appeared in 1972 and 1976 respectively and are still used today.
Honda is now known for dependable, practical road cars but due to its history with sports cars even these road cars are known for high performance, this is most apparent in the Type R cars which are sport-oriented versions of much quieter cars e.g. Civic and Integra both of which Polybush cover.