GTI International 23/24 June 2012

19th June, 2012

For all of you Lucky enough to be visiting GTI International at Bruntingthorpe this weekend come over and visit us on stand F4 We can tell you all about our new VAG products.


Thanks to Mark at Saxon Motorsport... - more >


Golf R32 - The fitment!

19th June, 2012


When Chris at volks workshop said he was keen to fit a set of polybushes to his 2007 R32 we decided it would be a great opportunity to photograph and document the whole fitment. Chris's R32 was already... - more >


Volvo B7 TL - Alternator Table Mounts

17th August, 2009

New to our range Volvo B7 TL - Alternator Table Mounts

Polybush Part number 11T   Volvo Part Number 3036907 

Polybush and Volvo Bus have jointly developed an Alternator Table Mount for the B7 TL buses which... - more >


Oversized Trident Link Bushes

26th January, 2009
Dennis Trident - Cut down on bush and anti roll bar replacements with these new Front Anti Roll Bar Link Bushes

Polybush Part Number 9AH (OE for ref only 438257)

Many operators have requested a solution to the problem of wear to the... - more >


Ford Escort MKI & MKII

27th January, 2009

As new the Ford Escort MkI & MkII were natural rally and race winners.  Excellent performance cars with strength, agility and... - more >



2nd December, 2008
Lotus Esprit

Back in Autumn 2004, Lotus Cars contacted us out of the blue, expressing an interest in Polyurethane Bushes to keep the Lotus Esprit provided with parts and service support. 

A meeting ensued, at which Lotus... - more >


Polybush are the world leader in Polyurethane Suspension Bushes and Components.

Why fit Polybush?

Impressive and Confident Ride
Excellent Noise Damping
Sharper Turn in - Predictable Cornering
Controlled Suspension Movement
Reduced Body Roll
Designed & Engineered to Exact Specifications
Pure Materials, Immense Flexibility & Resilience
Fit & Forget - Excellent Longevity 

21 years Polybush, Red copy_1









2013 is an exciting year  for Polybush as we celebrate our 21st Birthday and what better way to start the year than a vehicle build at Autosport 2013.

Our latest poject is a VW Beetle 1303s - the idea behind the build is to make our projects real!  We want to show you that you can be part of motorsport whatever your budget or experience.

Over the course of the show Glyndwr students will assemble the Beetle from shell up ready for the 2013 National Autograss Championship. 


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New Product Fitted Live @ Autosport 2012

Polybush & Glyndwr University race prepared a Golf MKII Live at Autosport 2012 including fitting a full set of Polybushes Find Out More  



As part of our new VAG range of bushes Polybush have released some exciting new designs. 

Why fit the New Polybush?

Polybush Console Bush 44J for VAG


Steel outer ring decreases the diameter of the eye, leaving less material to deflect under load, ensuring optimum suspension geometry during hard driving.

Extra contact surface area for the bore of the bush, spreading the force, results in a longer lasting bush.

Harder material reduces deflection under heavy cornering, keeping front wheel alignment Ė reducing understeer.




44AX__1Reduced wheel Articulation?
Not with Polybush

The Polybush Beam Axle to Chassis bush 44AX on the Golf is voided to allow the rear beam to articulate itís full travel for maximum grip & handling.

Optimum geomety during hard cornering is kept as the bush is only voided at one end, retaining itís stiffness. Plus itís easy to fit!



Carefully blended material with excellent Vibration absorption qualities, internally damping high frequency vibration created by rough road surfaces and Potholes. 
Click here to find out more.


Polybush 2011

New Kits, New Diagrams, New Staff 

After 18 Years of sucessfully manufacturing high qualtity bushes for the Classic Car and Land Rover markets more recent years have seen a move into the Performance Car Market with excellent results.

New Kits


Manufacturing high end kits has proven to be very successfull and 2011 sees the introduction
of the Following Kits:

  • The VAG Range of 44 Cars including:
  • Audi, Seat, Skoda & Volkswagen 
  • Celica Gen 6 Series
  • Celica VVYI 140 2001
  • Evo 10
  • Jaguar S Type 
  • Toyota Landcruiser 80 & 100 
  • Smart Car

New Diagrams


To make life easier when you come to Buy & Fit your bushes, Polybush have now added Fitting Diagrams to our Kits.

These Diagrams can also be veiwed on the Vehicle Specific pages of the Polybush Website. 

  New Staffdesign_photo_3

Our New Suspension Design Engineer has now be in place for fourteen months and has contributed to a great number of our New Polybush Kits.

Don't Forget as manufactures Polybush are able to provide solutions to all of you suspension Problems So contact us by email at sales@polybush.co.uk or call 01978 664316. We are always happy to help.

Polybush offer a range of cast polyurethane bushes with different hardnesses and properties, providing excellent benefits over rubber bushes and give superior mechanical charasteristics over cold cured and injection moulded urethanes.

Sponsorship DealsPaul_Sheard_Mazda_MX5_MK3

Polybush are Proud Sponsor a variety of Cars including of Paul Sheard Auto's in the 2010-11 MX5 Race Series.

For Further details visit their Website:


Free Polybush Stickers
For your chance to get your hands on one of our new Polybush Stickers
all you have to do is email us a photo of your car  with your name and address and we will
pop a sticker in the post to you. Email us at sales@polybush.co.uk

Why use Polyurethane for your suspension requirements?

Polyurethane is an ideal material for making into suspension bushes. Its combination of high tensile strength and elasticity translates into immense durability in the toughest conditions. Polyurathane Bushes have excellent relilience, springing back in to shape effortlessly to absorb shock and prevent dirt ingress and wear. Lastly, it doesn't age or perish - rubber bushes both perish and are attacked by oils and fuels.

Anti Roll Bar Bushes

Anti Roll Bar Bushes

You need the relilience of polyurethane to ensure a tight fit to the bar.
This avoids knock and squeaks from loose bushes and minimises wear.
The "Comfort" grade is best for this, but the "Performance" grade is best
if you want to reduce body roll and sharpen up steering.

Control Arm Bushes

Polyurethane's elasticity allows control arms to move as intended whilst its tensile strength soaks up punishment from cornering, braking, accelerating
and poor road surfaces. Go for a "Comfort" grade bush to
preserve ride quality for longer, or choose the harder "Performance"
grade to improve body control and steering.

Control Arm Bushes

Spring Bushes

Spring Bushes

Spring bushes are subject to the same forces as a control arm bush, as well as supporting the weight of the vehicle. Polybushes, with their combination of strength and elasticity, improve bush life and ride quality in on.

Shock Bushes

Shock bushes can crush down leaving the shock to rattle on its mountings. Polyurethane's resilience counters this without needing as hard a bush, so you can specify the "Touring" grade for all but the most arduous applications.

Shock Bushes

Mounting Bushes

Mounting Bushes

All the vehicle's moving components cause noise and vibration so Polybush make a range of mounting bushes for steering, suspension, engines and transmissions. The polyurethane isolates these unwanted buzzes and rattles, but holds the components firmly in place improving ride smoothness and body control.

We Solve Your Problems!

If you are a design and development engineer for vehicle suspension parts, we can solve your problems with a polyurathane material that overcomes the following drawbacks of rubber suspension bushes:

  •     A too high wear rate
  •     The high cost of tooling and prototypes
  •     The long lead time for prototypes
  •     The wearing away of mating metal parts
  •     The deterioration due to the effects of petrol and oil
  •     Poor resilience especially at high hardness
  •     Poor load bearing and low tensile strength
  •     High compression set causing permanent deformation



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