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The correct suspension set up effects both Ride (smoothing out the feel of an uneven road surface) and Handling how the car brakes, accelerates and corners safely and accurately).

Polybush improves the Dolomite, a beautiful performance saloon with questionable handling; known for having vague steering and a back end that steps out at the first opportunity. Polybush solve these common issues.

The Upper Wishbone Bush 30L and Rear Shock Absorber Bushes will dramatically improve steering response along with preventing adverse toe changes during cornering, braking and acceleration.

30B, J and A will fit the four-link live axle at the rear,  avoiding adverse changes in camber, and minimising axle movement which improves the handling without degrading comfort.

After vigorous testing Polybush created Kit 21 in Dynamic grade for that perfect balance between stiffness and elasticity that the Sprint makes full use of.

The TR7 as the last Triumph coupe is a piece of history that Polybush are proud to improve. Our Rear Lower Trailing Arm Bush 30A and Rear Upper Link Bush 30B are perfect replacements for the original trailing arm bushes that can wear and cause bump steer, unsettling the car in corners and on uneven-surfaced roads. 30A and 30B prevent bump steer by minimising arm and axle movement which gives a much better ride and handling.

Fit the full Kit 31 and get rid of unpleasant bump steer and make the TR7 more responsive and more involving to drive.

The History . . . – British car manufacturer started business in 1885 as a motorcycle company. The first cars were manufactured in the 1930’s. Triumph was bought by Standard in 1945 creating the Standard-Triumph company.