Mercedes Sprinter Rear Link Bush Failure

Mercedes Sprinter Link Bush Failure

From campers to businesses, all owners rely on this stalwart of the roads.

Sprinter minibuses can transport your staff or clients or help your family embark on European adventures, so keeping them in top condition is critical.

Amongst the often overlooked yet essential components are the rear link bushes. Despite their small size, these components play a crucial role in keeping the suspension system in check, guaranteeing a smooth and safe drive. If you haven’t already upgraded to the 2AE Polybush for your rear link bushes, here’s why it’s worth considering.

2AE Mercedes Sprinter Rear Link Bush

The 2AE

Polyurethane stands out as a high-performance material: Ideally suited for suspension components, unlike rubber which is prone to cracking and degradation over time, Polybush products have exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear – Opting for the 2AE Polybush means your rear link bushes will last up to 4-5 times longer and demand less maintenance compared to their rubber counterparts.

Tailored specifically for Mercedes Sprinters: the 2AE Polybush fits models from 1995 to the present day. This makes it an excellent choice for those with older minibuses encountering suspension issues, or indeed, anyone with a newer vehicle.

Sprinter link bush failure can spell serious trouble for your vehicle’s suspension system: Increased noise and vibration, especially over rough terrain or tight turns, often signal a problem. However, the more concerning consequence is the potential loss of vehicle control.

When it comes to suspension components like rear link bushes, preemptive maintenance is key. Upgrading to the 2AE Polybush not only enhances the longevity of your rear link bushes but also guarantees the safety and reliability of your minibus on the road.

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