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One bush will not fit every car, each has to be specially designed to fit the models platform perfectly, the perfect fit provides a better ride and more precise handling.

Early example of British automotive engineering, the Riley Elf was a popular car of the time, due to its age the car can be affected by common aging issues. Polybush have manufactured bushes that deal with these issues. The Front Upper RH Engine Stay Bush 25J is the perfect replacement for a rubber bush that due to exposure to oil and heat perishes quickly causing engine knocking. The 25J resists oil and heat whilst being as soft as the OE bush to prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the passenger compartment.

Polybush also addresses another common fault with the Elf; the 25C replaces the tie rod OE bushes which wears out, fails and falls off the car. 25C prevents excessive toe in and toe out in the front suspension and improves steering feel and responsiveness.

Due to Its size and mechanical layout the Riley Elf was blessed with great handling which deteriorates over time due to compression set. To combat this Polybush developed Full Kit 124 which gives the amazing handling back to your Elf without upsetting the car’s original balance.

The History . . . Riley is a British car maker that produced their first cars early into the 20th century. Riley rapidly grew in the 1920’s and 1930’s and was bought by Morris in 1938. Slowly, the luxurious and fast Riley cars lost their personality, losing the 6 and 8 cylinders after war until they become badge-engineered Austin and Morris cars.

Riley disappeared in 1969 and has been dormant ever since. The rights to the name now belong to BMW.