Let’s take a look through some of the most common myths and misconceptions about Polyurethane.


“Polybushes are too hard”

A common misconception about Polyurethane bushes is that they are too hard and give a harsh uncomfortable ride, this isn’t the case.

Before a bush is created, the mechanical properties of the relevant suspension and the bush itself (including its hardness) are tested and considered to ensure that the new product will live up to, and more often than not surpass the original OE part.

Although not often considered, one of the key characteristics of polyurethane is the range of hardnesses in which it can be created.

During the manufacturing process the hardness can be controlled based on the application and purpose of the product, for example, our stiffest grade of polyurethane will give you precise steering and a controlled ride at all speeds – The ideal solution for fast road driving, track and towing. On the other hand, our more elastic solution will give you greater longevity, and greater shock absorption than its stiffer counterparts. “There’s a hardness for that”.


 “Polyurethane bushings are too expensive”

Polyurethane bushings are resistant to water, grease, ozone and road damage and will outlive rubber bushes by a considerable amount. They are referred to as “fit and forget” products due to their huge longevity. Our bushes have a long service life and their performance does not degrade over time, furthermore, they do not need replacing like the rubber equivalents making Polybush a cost-saving option.

An example of the cost-saving potential is a solution created for West Midlands Ambulance, the vehicles were suffering from premature bush wear and the bushes were not available to buy separately. Due to this, full replacements of anti-roll bars and leaf springs were being carried out on a regular basis. Once the need for full replacements was illuminated, a cost-saving of £700 on parts alone per vehicle became possible.


“You need grease to fit a Polybush”

Many think grease is required to fit our bushes, this is not recommended! Our bushes are designed using an interference fit and created to spec.

By using grease in the application the bush will rotate within its housing and in effect will turn the bush into a bearing. Grease can also cause the bushes to squeak when fitted and the grease itself will remain present between the bush outer surface and the metal of the arm, this can allow the grease to act as a cutting agent over time as it does not wear away.

Using tyre soap or washing up liquid during the fitment of our bushes will not only lubricate during installation but will dry very quickly, removing movement within the housing.

If you are new to polyurethane bushings and are unsure of what hardness to choose, then our website will guide you in the right direction and often recommend immediately the relevant bush required for your application.

However, if you are looking for something more bespoke then call our friendly team on 01978 664316, they will be glad to help you.

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