44m - Polybush

VAG Front Wishbone Rear Bush Failure: SOLVED With 44M

Stop replacing your Front Wishbone Rear Bushes.
The Polybush 44M is a fantastic upgrade for VAG Group cars, providing numerous benefits over the factory-installed rubber bushings.

Designed to fit OE part number 1K0-199-232-J which is fitted across a wide range of VAG Group vehicles, including the following:

VWCaddy Mk3, EOS, Fox 5Z1, 5Z3, Golf Mk5, Golf Mk5 Plus, Golf Mk5 R32 & GTI, Golf Mk6, Jetta MK5, Passat B6, Passat CC, Polo Mk4, Scirocco Mk3 & R, Tiguan, Touran (03-13)
Audi A3 Mk2, A3 Mk2 Quattro, S3 Mk2 Quattro, TT Mk2 (Inc Quattro)
SeatAltea, Cordoba Mk2, Ibiza Mk3, Leon Mk2, Toledo Mk3
SkodaFabia Mk1, Octavia Mk2, Roomster 5J

The Polybush 44M is a serious upgrade from traditional rubber bushings.

Polyurethane is a more durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as being unaffected by Oil, Fuel and Road contaminants.
Polybush Products reduce the amount of suspension flex, which leads to better handling and stability on the road. Installation also improves the overall performance of the vehicle, making it more responsive and increasing driver confidence.

Polybush 44M
Differentiating from other bushings on the market, this Polyurethane product is impregnated with PTFE. This unique feature allows the two halves of the bush to have a closer fit, whilst still allowing the wishbone to move freely through its action, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.
PTFE impregnation also helps to reduce noise and vibrations, which are common with other polyurethane bushings, this is especially beneficial for those who frequently drive on rough roads or encounter bumpy conditions.

Benefits of Polybush 44M
There are numerous benefits of upgrading to the Polybush 44M. One of the most significant benefits is the improvement in steering directness. Due to its closer fit, the 44M provides a more precise and direct steering response, which can be especially beneficial when driving at higher speeds or navigating corners. The 44M also improves the overall handling of the vehicle, making it more stable and easier to control.

Another advantage of the Polybush 44M is its long-lasting durability, outlasting rubber by 4-5 times, this translates into cost savings, as Polybushes are not replaced as frequently as rubber ones.

In conclusion, upgrading to the Polybush 44M is an excellent choice for VAG Group car owners who want to improve their vehicle’s handling, steering, and overall performance. The PTFE impregnation provides a smoother and more comfortable driving experience, while the durability of the polyurethane material ensures long-lasting reliability and cost savings over time. With its wide range of applications, the Polybush 44M is an excellent investment for any VAG Group car owner looking to improve their driving experience.

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